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São Paulo - Only With a Driver

Nowhere in the World is a Driver More Necessary

Travelling as an international visitor to the greater São Paulo, you will quickly recognize that mobility here is way more difficult than in many other places in the world.

São Paulo is full of challenges:

  • the purely insane traffic of a metropolis with 22 million people, a daily traffic jam of 300 kilometers and 20,000 streets only in the city area
  • daily crime in the streets and certainly not only in the favelas, in which even some taxi drivers are involved
  • the Portuguese language barrier, with far and wide nobody who speaks English or Spanish
  • the thin metro network with only five lines
  • and, again and again, unforeseen situations, such as multi-hour flight delays or electricity cuts in entire quarters.

As an answer to the traffic challenges of business travellers and tourists, personal driver services have established in many metropolitan areas in the world over the last decades. They combine the service quality of classical driver services with cost-efficient online reservations.


Depart with myDriver São Paulo

myDriver São Paulo has picked up the concept of a personal driver service. And adjusted specifically for international visitors. For many years, in terms of reliability and customer feed-back we have undisputedly been part of the leading driver services in the greater São Paulo. We offer a safe, reliable, flexible and comfortable first-class driver service - with affordable fixed prices in the common currencies. Our rates often achieve the level of local taxis and can be expensed as travel expenses without any problems. Getting on board, you will book quality: cross-boarder, myDriver São Paulo combines German process quality with an excellent knowledge of the city and a 1A-service. Our offer is targeted at business travellers and tourists coming to São Paulo - and looking for safe and relaxed ways in the mega-city.

Media Echo: Book Safety If You Can

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Also the German Ministery of Foreign Affairs warns of the criminality in São Paulo:

„Attention crime!“

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